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Ali Associates has honored
to represent ScotiaMcleod (Scotia Bank of Canada) in Pakistan for their Immigrant Investor Program for Quebec and Federal.

Ali Associates has now:
Effective 26th June 2010, to be eligible to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker for Canada, applicants must either have a job offer, or they must have experience in one of 29 in demand occupation. For those applying under the occupation list, the government will limit the number of applications considered for processing to 20,000 per year as a way to better manage the supply of applications with labour market demand. Within the 20,000 limit, a maximum of 1,000 applications per occupation will be considered. The limit does not apply to applicants with a job offer.

Immigration & Overseas Education Consultants

Why Us?:

Superior and constant flow of quality can only be maintained when it is founded on honesty, credibility and uncompromised promised of customer satisfaction.

Ali Associates is all about catering the customers with utmost dedication and uncompromised quality.

Ali Associates promises the guaranteed success of the project designed and developed by them.

The key success factor of Ali Associates strategy stands on:

Strong and Eloquent Communication: The management firmly believes on communication that should be on very honest and realistic grounds in a constructive manner.

The communication is taken place in a number of languages that are;
1. English
2. Urdu / Hindi
3. Persian
4. Hindco
5. Pushtu

The aim is to cater the need of the customers with out having any language barrier.

Competitive Price: Ali Associates assures the quality and credibility of their services which comes along with a very competitive price tag.

Quality Work: The management strives to facilitate all the legalities and various other requirements to achieve the desired results.

The management will never take any case when the success isnít possible and neither will misguide the clients for their own gain.

Assisting successful Clients to transfer funds, arranging temporary residence and various other services on request.

Incase of Visa / Immigration Rejection, Ali Associates got the strong support of Reputed Lawyers in UK and Canada to Appeal and make the case successful.